Fastcap Flex Bench is a welcome addition to jobsite efficiency

I have been working with a group of Fastcap beta testers to develop a modular workstation solution for cabinet installers and trim carpenters. The system is called the Flex Bench, satisfies a need for shop efficiency in the field.

When I received the initial prototype, I saw it essentially as a Paulk workbench split into two sections and I was inclined to combine them into a single workstation. But, over time working with the system, I have come to appreciate its flexibility. The system made of cnc cut plywood sections is surprisingly light and mobile with all parts nested inside.

Using it on the last couple projects, I have come to appreciate being able to use a table saw safely and at a comfortable height compared to in the past tossing one on a low scaffold and having no outfeed support. Also, having a flat and large work surface at all times for assembling casing as well as having a secure work surface to sand, chisel on, etc has been great compared to typically working on the floor. For a cabinet installer, this is a great tool to have for everything from a miter saw station, a portable router table, sanding and working surface, table saw with outfeed support and since its modular you can skip all the frills and just combine the two sections to create a large assembly station.

To make room for this unit in my cargo van, I have retired a rolling cart which so far I have not missed. Here’s some video showing some of the things you can do with this system. I believe Fastcap is marketing this system for around $900 and for the time and effort it would take to make one its easily worth the money.