The “modern look” is next year’s shag carpet

Classically influenced trimwork is good value because it doesn’t go out of style and it improves the resale value of a home.

Without trimwork, a home is just an empty drywall box. Modern interiors, that lack classically influenced trimwork, are sterile and are soon to be dated looking.

The modern look is popular with new home builders because trimwork requires skilled craftsmen and time to install. It takes time and effort and cost to add window, casing, door, casing, and crown moulding to a new home but these are the features that make the difference between a common tract home, and a custom home.

If you want to incorporate modern looking aspects to your interior design, choose modern furniture and furnishings. When, and if the time comes to sell your home, a home with trimwork (especially crown moulding) will command a better resale value.